Bruno Mars had a Grenade, and Tiao Cruz had Dynamite, so they both threw it at Katy Perry who exploded like a Firework. The bang was so loud the Black Eyed Peas forgot The Time, while Rihanna had memory loss and ran around saying Whats My Name. Eminem looked around saying Im Not Afraid, then Willow Smith began whipping her hair, which caused a Far East Movement. They then crashed their G6 into a club and stopped Party Rocking. Luckily for Nelly it was all Just a Dream. And then there was Ralphie who just reviewed it all.

This is Ralphie.

Ralphie is an audioholic. He loves music, especially when it gets stuck in his head all day! He loves rich bass, catchy riffs, good voices and great melodies. He also blogs a bit. He thought one day “Hmm, why don’t I combine the two?” and so here it is. Your number one site for music reviews by Ralphie and also by other people like you.

Follow this blog to discover new music, discover your taste and also discover what the rest of the world think about the music you like.

We are always gathering a compilation of popular, and also unpopular music, songs and more. We review each of the songs and put the review up on this site, where there will be a direct link to iTunes (UK) where you can preview the song, buy/download the song and album cover and listen to on your iPod, iPad, Mac or PC or any other compatible device. There are also be banners for latest music, popular music and iTunes gift certificates and more.

For now, please subscribe/follow Ralphies music reviews to receive instant notification on when we are set up and ready to go! Happy listening,


from Ralphies music reviews.

Ralphies Music Reviews is from the same people as Ralphies News and Ralphies Technology.


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